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When skoč do kola was created? Probably hard to say. On the debut album of Kolotoč you can find songs that were written and arranged over a period of three years and partly performed by Maja on the streets before. In autumn 2019 the time had come. Kolotoč retreated with 11 songs one week into the studio.

The result is a diversified album, which does not want to stick to the genre borders. All songs are influenced by Maja’s characteristic singing style and her voice, which has been tested on many streets in Europe. Stories are told, of ravens and cats, childlike joys and fears, of relationships and loneliness. In the vividness of the Czech everyday language, Maja sings about life and encourages us to throw ourselves into it. That’s also how the album is entitled skoč do kola; an invitation. Join in the action, go on a journey and jump on the carousel.

With their debut, which is independently financed from concert revenues, Kolotoč gives an insight into their musical development of the last years. In the end it is almost a miracle that everything worked out. But the story of published fees, artwork lost in Brazil and CDs lost in the postal service should be told or sung about somewhere else.

Maja Rohlenová: vocals, guitar
Lea Gasser: accordion
Bettina Kambach: violin
Ben Haab: trumpet, tenorhorn
Nadav Bergfreund: guitar, sousaphone
Daniel Haas: percussion
Elia Hüsler: bass drum, percussion

recorded & mixed by Andi Luchsinger, Lynx-Audio at Schöntalstudios Rikon in september 2019
mastered by Martin Ruch at Control Room Berlin
artwork: Maja Rohlenová // layout: Julian Murer

all songs composed by Maja Rohlenová, except pěna náhody by
Lea Gasser and marie/bubamara by Zuzana Navarová/traditional
all songs arranged by Kolotoč

© & ℗ Kolotoč, 2020