About us

Kolotoč means merry-go-round – the name says it all. People got on and off this musical project, went round for a couple of turns and enjoyed the momentum, swapping seats and experimenting. Whether a wild horse, a comfortable bench or perhaps a tight shoe.

The number of instrumentalists* playing along was large at times, the music spontaneous and wild. This way we let ourselves drift, over larger and smaller stages, for three or four years.

By the end of 2017, the wishes and expectations for future music-making grew beyond the previously set framework.

Instead of giving up our dreams, the merry-go-round was stopped and unscrewed. It was handcrafted, sanded, oiled and reassembled. In spring 2018 we finally could start the engine again.

New figures, new floor, new drive – but the same vision.

Get on, take a seat and listen. The journey can begin.

The Band


Vocals, guitar and songwriting


Vocals, Trumpet


Violin, vocals




Double bass